Visionary [vɪʒ(ə)n(ə)ri]

Noun          1. A person with original ideas about what the future will or could be like.

Adjective    1. Thinking about or planning the future with imagination or wisdom.


Neutral Territory is a design think tank focused on helping brands visualize, define and perfect visions for the present and future. Our boutique agency provides creative consulting services for fashion and lifestyle clients, from research to forecasting to design to merchandising to marketing.

We like to partner with brands going against the grain of today’s prevailing contemporary and luxury markets. Who knows? With integrity and transparent collaboration–and plenty of sterling conversation–we might just reshape the landscape for design consulting.

Because we trade in ideas, we delight in working with everyone: early stage startups, small-scale entrepreneurs, established brands, you name it. There’s no shortage of consultants offering tactical, quantifiable action out there, but that’s not what Neutral Territory does. We assume you know your business; we sure as hell know ours. We bring the big conceptual guns to bear, helping you prioritize and make hard decisions. We’re sustainability experts, and we know contemporary culture high and low. Those are at odds, often, and they’re not the whole story, but we pride ourselves on reconciling the two. If you’re still reading this, you may have just found your dream consultant. 

Our speciality is making inspiration into reality, bringing ideas from the conference table or the drawing board to the real world. We empower you and your teams to break the rules in the best of ways. Our motto? Kill it with kindness. We care, a lot.


We Do

  • Conceptual Creative Services

  • Ideas & Inspiration

  • Creative/Design Consulting

    • Moodboards

    • Color Direction

    • Concepts & Narratives

  • Trend Forecasting

  • Tailored Research Catering to Client Needs

  • Creative Planning

    • Seasonal Analysis & Assortment Strategies

  • Brand Strategy

    • Forensic & Competitive Analyses

      • Curated referrals to design studios

    • Consumer Profiles & Segmentations

    • Strategic Targeting

  • Marketing & Messaging Strategy

    • Forensic & Competitive Analyses   

    • Storytelling for social and traditional media

  • Sustainable Strategies

    • Social, Ecological and Economic

      • Sustainable Textile Sourcing

      • Innovation Technologies

      • Manufacturing

      • Distribution & Packaging

      • Use & Disposal


We Don’t

  • Design logos or packaging

  • Do advertising  

  • Bury you in decks

  • Tell you what you want to hear


Our Rates

We value our time just as much as you value yours.

  • Scaled, accessible pricing is available (if you qualify and you’re nice or we like your dog.) .

WE ALSO TEACH CLASSES. We’ll help you help yourselves.