Gretchen Jones is a native of rural Colorado. Her sensibilities are rooted in respect for nature and other people. Jones’s life experience translates into a hybrid aesthetic that’s inherently American – urban and Southwestern, timeless and today – jazz, sequoias, cowboys and indians. Jones draws inspiration from symbiotic relationships between fashion, art, music, literature and architecture. The ideals of manifest destiny are important to her, like her forebears, who struck out west to seek new fortune. She’s a risk-taker, continually seeking new challenges, and believes clothing is a medium for relating to the world, whether through design or in her dress. Jones is a past winner of Project Runway and a 2012 GenArt inductee. Jones’ focus has been on producing and developing domestically, and aligns her work with supporting local craftspeople and ethical business practices. She is currently the Womenswear Design Director of Pendleton Woolen Mills and lives in Portland, Oregon.